VEGF Genotype and Allele Frequency of Diabetes Mellitus and Diabetic retinopathy in Lahore, Pakistan

Genotype of Diabetes Mellitus and Diabetic retinopathy


  • Samra Anees Department of Zoology, Lahore College for Women University Lahore, Pakistan
  • Saima Shareef Department of Zoology, Lahore College for Women University Lahore, Pakistan
  • Muhammad Roman Department of Immunology, University of Health Sciences Lahore, Pakistan
  • Shah Jahan Department of Immunology, University of Health Sciences Lahore, Pakistan



Diabetic Retinopathy, Diabetes Mellitus, Genotype, Allele


Diabetic retinopathy is characterized as basement membrane (BM) thickening, pericyte loss, endothelial cell (EC) dysfunction, microaneurysms, microvascular infarcts and neovascularization in a patient with diabetic retinopathy. Objectives: To determine the VEGF genotype and allele frequency of diabetes mellitus and diabetic retinopathy in Lahore, Pakistan. Methods: A total of 100 blood samples were taken including diabetes mellitus (50) and diabetic retinopathy patients (50). Diseased and control subjects were selected for blood sampling. Demographic and clinical characteristics was evaluated. The BMI, HbA1c and the blood pressure of both groups were also examined. The VEGF genotype and allele frequency of diabetes mellitus and diabetic retinopathy was done. The statistical analysis was done by chi-square test and SPSS to study significant differences in control and diabetic retinopathy subjects. Results: The normal estimation of DM group was 46.18 ± 1.23 years while of DR class was 52.86 ± 1.36 years. The mean value of BMI of DM group was 26.0±0.62 while of DR group was 26.57±0.70.

DD genetic mutation was substantially higher in diabetic retinopathy bunch (p<0.05) relative to the II gene mutation, the huge contrasts (p<0.05) were seen in diabetic group. Conclusions: This study concluded that Vascular endothelial growth factor gene was detected in both group of diabetes. In retinopathy people with T2DM the substantial elevated VEGF DD genetic variation was seen relative to retinopathy people without diabetes.


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DOI: 10.54393/fbt.v2i02.18
Published: 2022-12-31

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